How To Sideload

Installing on Windows 10

In order to view 3D models from HoloCom via a Windows 10 PC the HoloCom Application must first be installed.
Simply dwonload the Windows 10 Version of the application from our downloads page and install the application by double clicking the *.appx file that downloads.

Holocom 3D model format

Holocom currently supports the Wavefront OBJ format.

  • File Extensions: .obj, .mtl, .png, .jpg (.jpeg)
  • Units: real-world meter
  • Polygon Count: less than 100k
  • Textures: .png or .jpg
  • Up AXIS: Y is UP
  • ORIGIN: 0,0,0 in mixed reality is on the floor 1 meter in front of the user
  • Output should be: Triangulated
All model files should be delivered in a single .zip archive without any child folders.

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