Dimensional Arts & HoloCom Inc.

Dimensional Arts, Inc., manufacturer of the patented Light Machine digital holographic printer, and HoloCom Inc., the first name in holographic technology transfers, have recently joined forces to bring the most complete line of holographic equipment, training, and services to the world marketplace. Holographic services include custom and stock Dotz dot-matrix patterns; conventional pseudo color or true color 2D/3D holograms; monochromatic, achromatic, or pseudo color 3D holograms, true color 3D digital stereograms, or any combination of the above for security, promotional, or artifacts applications. Technology packages range from individual machines to fully integrated turnkey facilities comprised of any combination of the following:

  • Photoresist Spin Coating - The manufacture of photoresist plates for holographic mastering.
  • Computerized Artwork Preparation - High resolution color scanner, state-of-the-art computer system with all software, and printer for previewing artwork.
  • Computerized High Resolution Color Separation Printing - 1200 DPI printer to output color separations on transparencies for the production of masks for holographic origination.
  • Mask Preparation for Holographic Mastering - High resolution camera for converting transparencies to High Resolution Plates for holographic mastering.
  • Computerized Dot-Matrix Holographic Printer - Patented Dotz technology for producing kinetic holographic patterns and images viewable in 360 degrees.
  • High Resolution Dot-Matrix Holographic Printer for Security Applications - Modified version of the Light Machine holographic printer. The security model has high resolution output and dot-shape control for added levels of security.
  • Holographic Mastering Laboratories - Single and multi-table laboratories for the production of achromatic, pseudo color, and true color 2D/3D and 3D holograms in photoresist.
  • Holographic Stereogram Generating Systems - Film type and digital LCD stereogram holographic camera system for production of full color 3D holograms and full color 3D animated holograms in photoresist.
  • Elecroforming Systems for Narrow Web Embossing Applications - Electroless nickeling, and two and three tank electroforming systems for nickel mastering, replicating, and shimming out to 12".
  • Computerized Electroforming for Wide Web Applications - State-of-the-art computerized electroforming system for the production of wide web shims.
  • Computerized Mechanical Recombining Systems - Computerized system for stepping out holographic images and patterns of up to 4" x 4" out to 60" or more.
  • Narrow Web Embossing Machines - A modified version of the double hit rotary embossing machine for the production of embossed polyester or hot-stamping foil out to 12" web width.
  • Wide Web Embossing Machines - A revolutionary new design for wide web embossing of polyester and hot foil out to 40", and a new soft embossing machine for wide web production on metalized paper, PVC, OPP, and hot foil out to 72".
  • Converting Equipment for Hot Stamping and Die Cutting - A modified Franklin press designed to cut or stamp in register with multiple web feeds.


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